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Author Guidlines

The SAI Journal "Information Technologies and Control" publishes high-quality papers on the theory, design and application of Control Systems and Information Systems, and their components. Original papers that has not been published or accepted for publication by other journals will only be considered. Full versions of papers wich have been included in proceedings of conferences and symposia could also be submitted.
Submitted manuscripts must be typewritten in English. They should not exceed 20 double-spaced taped A4 pages including figures in at least 12-point format.

Submission of Manuscripts

Authors should send two hardcopies and a postscript file of the manuscript with a cover letter stating the name and address of the corresponding author to the Editor-in-Chief Kiril Boyanov:
Phone ++ 3592 9876169, fax ++ 3592 9876169, e-mail:

PDF style is the preferred format

Papers may be submitted for publication by sending an electronic mail to the editor at The file of the paper should be attached to a cover e-mail message, which includes the name, address, and e-mail address of the corresponding author, and the type of file. Only Postscript and PDF files are accepted. In the case of PDF files, authors should provide all the fonts needed to print the paper.

Style for the Paper

The first page must include the title, name(s), affiliation(s), mailing address(es), telephone number(s), e-mail address(es) and facsimile number(s) of the author(s); an Abstract not exceeding 150 words; Keywords immediately following abstract, and not exceeding five; preferred address for correspondence; footnotes with acknowledgment for support (if desired).

The Introduction

The Introduction should describe the purpose and the contribution of the paper.

A Conclusion

A Conclusion section should summarize the main results, advantages, limitations and possible applications.
A descriptive, intuitive explanation is preferred to extended formal development (theorems, lemmas, etc) when technology components and applications are presented. Detailed mathematical derivations should be put in appendixes.


References should appear as a separate bibliography at the end of the paper, numbered in square brackets, e.g., [10].References to works published in languages other than English should be translated into English with the original languages given in brackets after the translated text, e.g. (in Russian).


Electronic version in EPS (Encapsulated Postscript) is preferred. Photos must be glossy prints, of good contrast and reasonable size (no larger than 22x28 cm). Hardcopy of illustrations should be sharp and of good contrast.

Accepting a manuscript

Authors of accepted manuscripts are required to provide the final electronic version of the paper (preferably, together with TEX source and Encapsulated Postscript files for figures), along with two paper hardcopies, and biographies (not exceeding 100 words) and photographs of all authors. The electronic version may be submitted on a computer disc in ASCII text file, or by e-mailing it to: The e-mail message should include the corresponding author’s name and the type of file.


Page proofs for papers will be send to the corresponding authors for proofreading, usually by e-mail. The author should send the revised paper back within 14 days.


The authors of a published paper are entitled to 10 free reprints of the paper.


After a manuscript has been accepted for publication the author(s) will be approached with a request to pay a charge of 50 euros per paper to cover partially the cost of publication. The payment of this charge is a necessary prerequisite for publication.

In case of any questions about the described procedures, please send e-mail to:

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